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“At a time when it was really a man's world, where politics were certainly not the playground for women, stories like that of Mercy Coles are even more interesting than ever.”

The Book Trail @Thebooktrailer UK’s award winning “Most Informative Blog 2017”​

“… A colourful and human portrayal. … An enlightening, entertaining read.”   

    Fred Stenson author of The Trade.​

ISBN 978-1-45973-967-3

ISBN: 978-1-897235-85-0

Miss Confederation chronicles a young unmarried woman’s experiences in the social whirlwind of Confederation. A unique historical document, her diary is now being published for the first time, offering a window into the events that led to Canada’s creation, from a point of view that has long been neglected.

McDonald is not just a transcriber; she acts as an attentive and affectionate listener, recognizing the value of a young woman's lively perspective on an unfolding history.” 

    Frances Greenslade, author of Shelter Penguin Random House.

Miss Confederation Journal gives rare insight into real life behind Canada's legend, interview with Anne on CBC Radio's Saskatchewan Weekend with Shauna Powers, July 8, 2017. Read an excerpt from the interview on CBC Radio with Anne 

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